At Medsurant, we utilize a variety of electrophysiological tests to evaluate the patient's neurological, functional and cerebral vascular status.

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IntraOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) has assisted surgeons and protected patients for over 30 years.

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Our job is to make sure your surgeon and anesthesia provider are updated and aware of how the surgery is affecting your nervous system.

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Welcome to Medsurant Health

At Medsurant Health, we are proud to support our diverse group of surgeons and hospital systems with the most advanced technology and clinicians in the field.

Confidence for Better OutcomesTM

Our highly experienced neurological monitors are leaders in neurophysiological monitoring and are an integral part of the operating room team. Through continuing education, advanced surgical practices, and unsurpassed patient care, we help guide surgeons, protect patients, and provide cost-effective support to hospitals for any surgery where neural structures are at risk.